Lysit -
A Brighter future
for the UK and Ireland


Natural White Aggregate

Opportunity in
the UK and Ireland

In the UK and Ireland, the full potential for light-coloured asphalt has still to be realised.

Typically, it has been used to demarcate areas such as bus and cycle lanes. But the material’s luminance properties and durability, offer wider opportunities for surfacing


Reflective asphalt surfacing incorporating LYSIT can reduce the surface temperature of the road by up to 10 degrees on a sunny day.


Tunnels offer an especially high saving potential owing to the high level of luminance required in the threshold zone.


Lysit is already widely used in Europe to meet the specified requirements for carriageway surfaces. This natural white aggregate can transform infrastructure across the UK and Ireland and create a brighter future for all.

“Evidence gathered in mainland Europe which demonstrates that light-coloured asphalt pavements have managed to reduce lighting and deliver significant financial savings without compromising driver visibility or safety.”

James Freeman

Lighting up
the way

Light-reflecting asphalt offers benefits when used as part of a wider package of measures in specific locations to reduce costs, drive down carbon emissions, increase visibility and improve road safety.

In the Confignon Tunnel, near Geneva, Switzerland, field trials showed that every other lamp could be turned off because of the increased luminance, or brightness, of the surfacing. In this project, savings made on lighting have meant that additional capital costs for resurfacing were recouped within four years.

Positive data about visibility and luminance performance of coloured pavements has also been sourced from the International Commission of Illumination.

A three-month study conducted by this organisation across several pavement types reveals that light-coloured asphalt delivers the highest specular reflection factor and luminance coefficient of any material.

£ 32 m

installation of remote monitoring systems, to control the brightness of lamps when roads are lightly-trafficked, could save local authorities up to £35M annually.

30 %

Mainland Europe,
show light asphalt surfaces in
tunnels can deliver lighting savings
of between 30% and 40%.


The luminance coefficient of LYSIT proves it to be one of the brightest “natural brightening” rocks on the market.

Relevant Content

The Lysit Potential

Lysit has a wide range of uses but shines particularly brightly in the asphalt industry as a component in the construction of road surfaces. Its key benefit over other aggregates is its natural light reflecting properties which allow users to see the road more clearly in the dull conditions which are prevalent in the UK and Ireland for much of the year.